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Over the years our team has worked with companies throughout the Lowcountry to help protect the integrity, appearance and security of their store fronts.

Charleston Window Films offers a variety of options for your commercial building that will meet your specific need, whether it be eliminating glare or harmful sunlight, security film to protect your business or to improve the outward appearance of your building.

We understands how important protecting not only what you love is but the people you love as well. Our safety and security films allow you to protect both from not only smash and grab type scenarios but they provide storm protection as well.

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VISION ANTI-GRAFFITI film helps protect glass that has been vandalized by graffiti, scratching, acid, and more. VISION ANTI-GRAFFITI Series available in Clear 4 and 6 Mil thickness for interior and exterior applications alike.

Storefronts, offices, and businesses are easy targets for tagging and speedy vandalism. Replacing large windows can be extremely costly to any small business owner, and can have a major impact on daily operations. Save time on clean up and money on costly glass replacement with VISION ™ ANTI-GRAFFITI Films. When the film is damaged, remove & replace it for an immediate fix, keeping windows pristine and clear of blemishes.

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Looking to keep your home or office cooler & more energy efficient? Look no further. VISION SOLAR Films are unrivaled in deflecting heat & total solar energy rejection to keep temperatures low where you need it most.

VISION ™ SOLAR Home & Office Window Film offers a large selection of options to suit any need. Utilizing advanced spectrally selective technology, these window films reduce heat, lower energy costs and maintain the comfort and protection you desire. VISION SOLAR SERIES includes DAYLIGHT, CRYSTAL CLEAR,. EVENING VIEW, and ONE-WAY film finishes, as well as SILVER & BRONZE films for both interior or exterior applications. For leading class solar control, check out VISION CLEAR VIEW PLUS.

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Get a variety of unique film accents and additions to function as window coverings for any home or office application. VISION DECORATIVE is available in semi-transparent White Matte and non-transparent Whiteout and Blackout.

To add a touch of design, obtain privacy for your personal space, or simply enhancing the look of glass panels – VISION ™ DECORATIVE Series home and office window films are a perfect fit for the task. Offered in White Frost, White Out, and Black Out finishes, VISION DECORATIVE can transform any room, bringing a touch of style to any flat glass surface by incorporating custom elements like logos, striping, branding, and more.

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