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Joel Valencia

Has been serving the Charleston community and their auto, home, and commercial glass needs for over 10 years. He is experienced in every aspect of the window and glass filming industry, from answering phone calls, taking sales calls to mastering installation and customer service.

Joel’s primary focus has always been the customer and by starting Charleston Window Films he is able to ensure that quality experience from start to finish. He understands that without you his company vision isn’t possible.


The Lowcountry is a beautiful place we are lucky enough to call home, but we all understand the challenges the sun can pose on not
only ourselves but our homes, businesses, and cars.

At Charleston Window Films we can reduce your solar heat gain, help prevent fading, reduce your home cooling costs,
glare, risk of harmful UV rays, and keep your family safe and secure with our security films.

Window Tinting in Summerville, SC

Charleston Window Films has been proudly servicing the Low Country area for over 10 years and has finally opened a location in the beautiful town of Summerville, SC. We have heard the cries of our frequent customers from the area and have decided to now make it more convenient for them and their friends and family to stop by our location. Summerville can now closely reap the benefits of our AutoResidential, and Commercial high quality Huper Optik film that is installed by experienced professionals who will happily inform you on the best grade of film for your situation.

Our new shop is now conveniently located on Bacons Bridge Road right across the street from O’Reilly Auto Parts. You can’t miss it. Our lot is nice and spacious so you don’t have to worry about where to park or traffic build-up. We are proud to state that Summerville has played a significant role in helping us grow and now we can return the favor.



Charleston Window Films offers free consultations, either via phone or in person. We want to understand the complete scope of your unique situation so we can provide the best solutions.


We will then work to develop an efficient plan that works for you and your budget.


We have close relationships with top suppliers in order to provide you quality services at the best prices. We will never sacrifice when it comes to the quality of our materials and our service.


Once the job is complete and Charleston Window Films has ensured nothing less than your 100% satisfaction, we will continue to be available should any future issues arise.

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